October 16, 2018

2019 Board and Coach Nomination Form

It's time for 2019 Nominations! Please read the form attached of positions available. All positions are open for nominations every year. If you feel you or someone else you know is a good fit please nominate them.

Just so you know how the process works. You can nominate yourself or if you are nominated by someone else you will be contacted to see if you accept the nomination. After you accept the nomination you will be contacted by the secretary to interview on one of 2 evenings with the board. The board will then vote after all the interviews are completed and you will be notified after results are in by the end of December.

You may print off the form and return, email a board member, or you can fill out a nomination form online this year. If you are interested in helping but don't want to be on the board please let us know. We can always use more help for committees!

Thanks so much for all you do! We can not run this league with out those of you that volunteer!

Nominations are due by October 31st!